Hostgator Coupons January 2019

Choosing a company for your webhosting can almost feel like you are putting on a blindfold and pointing… especially if you have never chosen one before. However, even seasoned vets of hosting may find that choosing the package, plan or company for their needs is just as hard as it is for beginners.

Today I want to talk about Hostgator, a lesser known hosting company that has recently gotten a lot of attention for not only being affordable but being a great competitor to its pricier contenders.

Hostgator Coupons

What is Hostgator?

Hostgator starts out packages at only $3.95 per month. This is currently the cheapest package available on the web, even against well-known rivals like GoDaddy. Hostgator also has been known to beat out sites like GoDaddy where speed is concerned. This is a big issue for businesses as it is easy to lose a customer if your site is slow or difficult to navigate due to slow speeds.

With a wide variety of plans, Hostgator makes it easy to test the waters or to simply go with the bare minimum to get your name out there and get your business on the map. As you grow, you might wish to switch to a bigger plan where you can own your own domain, have up to 1000 email accounts and invest in site security if you are concerned with hackers and your customers’ vital information… as well as your own.
What do we love about Hostgator?

Honestly, the price is always a real seller on webhosting for most companies – especially smaller startups. You would be surprised at how costly some sites can be when they first appear to be affordable. They lure you in with free offers and then you realize that you have to pay an arm and a leg to own your domain, to get email accounts and even get on the pages of Google with ease.

Another heavy hitter is that support is spot on. The last thing that you want is customers that are irritated by technical glitches. With Hostgator’s 24/7 customer service, you can ensure that your site is up and running all year round. This is especially important for e-commerce sites around the holidays and other large events throughout the year as traffic can slow sites for some businesses. In fact, many reviews tout the CSR department at Hostgator as the best they have dealt with to date.

Lastly, we have speed. Speed is a big factor in keeping customers on your site. Have you ever been in the mood to buy something but the site was so slow that you simply gave up? We have all been there. HostGator has been proven to be faster than sites like GoDaddy in speed and this has helped its clients to bring in more business without losing any business in the process.
How does it measure up to other sites?

Although when we think webhosting we usually think GoDaddy thanks to its effortless marketing campaigns, there are A LOT of webhosting companies for you to choose from… which only serves to make it harder to choose. We are going to talk about a few other sites and how they measure up to our Hostgator review:

Sitebuilder is a smaller webhosting site that offers free domain registration. However, although you do pay for that with Hostgator, you save way more on other items which makes that feel obsolete. Remember, we talked about sites offering free and then later you have to pay more and more? This is one issue some have felt they had with Sitebuilder.

This site is mostly used for e-commerce, however, Hostgator does a little bit of everything… which means if you want to switch it up… you have more options.

For 4.95 a month you can web host with a company known as Sitey. Although we love the clever name, the price is higher and it can honestly get confusing. The concept was nice. They wanted to include analytics and drag and drop along with other cool features… the problem is that most people who do not know how to build a website… have no idea what is going on. This is why it is best to stick with sites that really make it easy to navigate what you are doing as you go along.

We already discussed GoDaddy in the beginning of our Hostgator review. However, the cliche that it has created for itself has helped it lost some of its prestige. With slower speeds, higher costs and paying for add ons, companies are finding that they are in contracts they no longer want to be in once they begin to grow. With Hostgator, growing is easy and far less expensive than other brands that are better known at the moment. Remember, bigger is not always better. Neither is well-known always the company you want to know as your go-to guys.

To sum it up in a neat little bow, Hostgator is the perfect choice for companies on a budget that want the room to grow and money to spare for other necessities. You will not be paying for lesser speed. In fact, according to multiple other reviews and real-life users… you will be paying less for better, faster speed which is always a good thing. Anytime you can get more bang for your buck is a good day for any business.

To learn more about Hostgator and its many options or to get started today right away, simply visit The steps to getting started are as easy as one, two, three. Simply pick your favorite package or use the company’s live chat option to help you to decide what package is right for you. You can also just dive right on in. It is that simple and simple is always a great thing. Right? Right. Especially when that simple costs you less, makes usage a breeze for your customers and, in return, gains you better revenue in the long term.